Sisterhood group host Christmas event

A women’s community group will be prevalent in helping both men and women in 2019 as they look to support vulnerable people.

Blackburn group Sisterhood, run by lead volunteer Musarat Rashid, have already had their first successful event with a Christmas lunch for the homeless.

Now, the group hope to continue their success into the new year by opening their group up to men as well as women. They hope to encourage community cohesion through helping others.

Mrs Rashid said: “This Christmas we ran four lunches to feed the homeless and hope to do more next year.

“We also want to help vulnerable men as well as women, who can join our group meetings, get involved in events, or simply come and talk to us if they need it.

“Sometimes in the Asian community, you’ll find that men won’t be alert about things like mental health or won’t feel like they have anywhere to go so by involving them, they learn too.”

The 47-year-old started the group because she wanted something which helped everyone, and that could bring together all communities of all backgrounds to work together.

Based at Bangor Community Centre, the group serve as the focal point for integration as they plan events to help people not only in Blackburn but to go to other places to promote healthy interactions.

Mrs Rashid has been involved in volunteering for nine years. She was approached earlier this year by a Blackburn PCSO officer asking if she wanted to run a women’s group.

On creating Sisterhood, she said: “I always knew I was going to do something like this. I have been volunteering for a long time and wanted to make a difference.

“My mum loved helping people, so I do too. Through this group, I want us to be somewhere people can easily come to and we are open to any suggestions.”

The group can be contacted via Bangor community centre.

Article Courtesy of Lancashire Telegraph featured here