Bangor Street Community Centre – A Centre for Warmth

Bangor Street Community Centre is now a ‘Centre for Warmth’ and will be hosting a range of activities to help people save energy and improve gas safety in their homes.

The centre has partnered with Cadent, the UK’s largest gas distribution network and will be sharing valuable advice to residents in the borough throughout the year.

Bangor Street is one of around 10 centres based in the North West who are acting as “Centres for Warmth” and the only one in Blackburn.

The project is based on identifying and partnering with community groups in areas of high deprivation, fuel poverty, and risk to carbon monoxide poisoning, who are located close to areas where the company is carrying out mains replacement work.

The centre will also be working with Cadent to create more awareness of home energy efficiency, carbon monoxide safety and the Priority Services Register over the coming year.

Amongst these we will be speaking to local residents who may be able to benefit from a Carbon Monoxide Alarm, a slow cooker, heated seat covers and gas safety checks.

Our team of Community Engagement Officers will be speaking to community groups, charities and knocking on doors to share the information to many people as possible.

Also part of the initiative the centre is hosting a number of ‘Warm Nights’ Events during the winter months to help those living alone, residents and families save energy and costs at meal times

The events are open to anyone and while people were encouraged to ring ahead to avoid food wastage, this was not a necessity. The weekly events will run for the coming weeks and then again from November.

The centre which is largest community centre of its kind in the region hosts over ten community groups and charities as well as daily classes and health and fitness sessions.

You can call 01254 661991 for further information out Centre for Warmth Activities or keep a close eye out on social media. We will also be highlighting work at the centre.